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Growing your business with Olaplex.

The Olaplex No. 2 Backbar can be applied in many ways to add value to your existing services, improve the condition of your client’s hair and increase your revenue per appointment. Continue reading to discover how to implement the Olaplex Express Backbar Mini Treatment and uncover a range of Olaplex No. 2 Backbar applications that can be used on every client at every service.  What’s more, many of these treatments don’t add any more time to your service.


The Express Mini Treatment


With the release of the 2000ml back bar dispenser of Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector, your salon is able to perform express mini treatments as a quick and easy upsell to improve the condition of your client’s hair.  Olaplex No. 2 should be left on the hair for at least 10 minutes either while you are cutting, colour is processing, or your client is at the basin.  You can even offer this to men for a quick and easy beard treatment.

Why offer these treatments?

  • Using exactly the same ingredients as Olaplex No. 1, No.2 builds and cross links broken disulphide bonds in hair
  • Reduces porosity to make colour last longer in between visits and prevent fading
  • Boost natural curl; Olaplex increases elasticity and helps returns hair to its natural texture
  • Detangle unruly or unmanageable hair
  • Soften wiry, grey hair


In addition to the Mini Treatment, there are a range of ways you can maximise the reparative benefits of Olaplex No. 2 when performing chemical or colour services. From improving the life of colour through to scalp and hair protection, here are some of the ways Olaplex No. 2 can be utilised to improve your service offering:

  • Use Olaplex No.2 as a replacement for clear gloss or conditioner to dilute direct dyes
  • Prevent overlapping and protect previously lightened hair when performing bleach touch-ups or on scalp lightening
  • Apply to any hair left out while processing base colour, highlights or relaxer
  • Treat hair with Olaplex No. 2 in between foils for a reparative boost
  • Apply after every lightening service when performing drastic transformations or colour corrections
  • Use as a preparation prior to perming for extra protection


Click here for more information on the range of services you can offer in your salon:

For a limited time, Haircare Australia is offering a FREE 2000ml Olaplex Backbar No. 2 with the purchase of any Olaplex Salon Kit. Email or call 1300 437 436 to place your order and share the Olaplex results with all your clients.