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THE wipe by Glide – not just another wipe!

THE wipe by Glide is not just another wipe? NO WAY not with Glide Hair Tools on the case…

Fast colour removal and gentle to the skin The wipe by Glide is amazing. Glide Head Quarters have developed a wipe that is unique – a combination of Shea Butter and Sea Salt which is fused together within the wipe that ensures gentle but fast colour removal from the skin.

How it works – The Sea Salt penetrates deeper into the skin assisting in the removal of colour, while enriching the skin with essential minerals. The Shea Butter, sourced from the African Shea Tree, nourishes and moisturizes the skin which completes the process.

With 125 wipes (not the normal 100), Glide gives you a bonus of 25% more – for no extra cost. Thanks Glide!

Go to to locate your nearest stockist or call Head Office on 02 8730 8847