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18 million shampoos and growing, on HeadBeds in Europe…Australia, have you got yours?

Launched in Australia in 2013, HeadBed has been expanded rapidly around the world with many hundreds of salons throughout Europe finding their solution to salon basin discomfort. So what is HeadBed?

HeadBed is an Australian innovation by naturopath Catherine Randabel. Unique and truly innovative  HeadBed is a Head and Neck Support Cushion, finally solving the problem of client discomfort at the salon basin.

Built on a rubber cushion platform that sits on any salon basin, the HeadBed assists in placing clients in the optimal position for all shampoo basin services as it is designed to support the head at its heaviest point.

HeadBed supports the weight of the head, under the occipital bone, like a golf ball on a tee.   As a result your clients can lay back, relax and enjoy pre-service shampoos, treatments and post-treatments without discomfort or pain.

So how important is neck support at the salon basin? It is crucial to your clients comfort and safety. The basin service is vital to any hair service delivered in salon. Each aspect of a salon visit is as important as the next. Many people find shampoo basins not very comfortable so HeadBed provides you with a solution that not only increases the enjoyment of the shampoo service but also creates support for clients with neck issues. Recently in the UK, there has been cases of some serious injuries after shampoo sessions at a salon. Read about it here

Improve the level of service that you provide at the shampoo basin by using HeadBed.

For further information or call 0403 167 333 or email or contact your local distributor:

NSW: Ora Networks: Philippa Leonardos  e|  p| 0409329969

QLD: KSHE Salon Professional Australia. Ian Davis e| p|  07- 33931242 –

WA: The Hair Firm. Peter Wren e|  p|0421714991