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10 Takeaways You Missed from the Hair Expo Education Rooms

You couldn’t see every presenter at Hair Expo if you tried – believe us, we did, but it was a feat impossible to achieve alone, with 10 education rooms (not to mention stage shows and the floor itself) overloading any willing student who simply wanted to learn it all. Luckily, between us, team INSTYLE did manage to cover everything in education over the long weekend, and before we bring it all to you in our epic Hair Expo print coverage in INSTYLE July August, we thought we’d give you a taste of the main takeaways you may have missed.

Eugene Souleiman

With creative and business presenters hailing from Australia and further beyond, and some genuinely legendary names in the mix (Eugene, we’re looking at you), there was so much to absorb and learn from at the event. Here are some of our favourite quotes, lessons and moments – we hope they inspire you.

1. Eugene Souleiman – Mizutani Masterclass

“It begins with 60 – 70 per cent ‘idea’ and from there I make mistakes, and I tend to go with them, I’m happy to head down that path. I’m not scared of mistakes, I believe they’re meant to happen,” Eugene said about creating his editorial looks, encouraging attendees to embrace bad taste and think outside of the regular.

2. Julius Cvesar – Shears vs. Clippers, Choosing the Best Tool for the Best Finished Result

“Don’t ask the client what number they want on the sides, ask them rather how light or dark they would like to go. It is your job as a professional to know what number they want,” Julius said. “A good barber is a barber with busy hands, they both should be doing something at all times of the service. For example, when giving a cut throat, you should be stretching the skin with one hand while the other shaves.”

3. Sheree Knobel – Bixie Balayage & Colour Lives Here

“It’s all about lived-in colour,” Sheree said, telling attendees not to over foil the hair, and instead utilise a ‘faux foil’ technique, coined by the Bixie Colour Team, which means to foil away from the root using a medium weave. “It’s now all about creating a ‘regrowth’ on your client, which is the total opposite to how it used to be. You used to try and get the foil as close as possible to the scalp, but not anymore.”

4. Lauren McCowan, Jules Tognini, Leonard Newton and Jay Kownacki – Freevo Show

“Be bold when cutting texture otherwise you’ll thin the hair out too much and never get the texture you want. At the end of the day, no hair product will even out a bob or fix a haircut, but if you do a good haircut, evo products will have your back and push and drive that cut,” Jules shared.

5. Guy Tang – Presented by Olaplex and Haircare Australia

“Everyone’s so scared about fading, everything fades, life fades, let’s just do the colour and don’t worry about fading,” Guy commented, saying that he doesn’t even use the word ‘fading’, rather communicating that the colour ‘evolves’. Guy showed interesting horizontal colour techniques, which work against gravity to lift the hair up and cover more space when retouching regrowth, and explained how lighting works within colour to alter our perception.

6. Lorna Evans and Belinda Keeley – The Road To I Do, The Long Hair Styling and Colour Journey

Inspired by Pippa Middleton’s recent wedding in many ways (but, bigger!), Lorna showed off systematic wedding styling and Belinda presented colour looks including a unique pink and lilac bridal look and a feather brushstroking colour technique. The duo explained the importance of being there for clients at the start of their engagement, and the rewards in accompanying them on their special day and creating a lifelong relationship (and client) in the process. “Some of my clients are on their second or third weddings,” Belinda joked.

7. Justin Herald – Ramping Up Retail Sales and Raving Fans

Justin explained how to sell without talking about the product – forming relationships and actually educating your clients is also selling, give them an experience, be visible and listen more than you talk to increase your sales.

8. Caterina Di Biase – Learn How To Create The Top Trending Hairstyles for 2017 in Your Salon

Caterina blended colour, futurism and some of her most appealing looks from creative to commercial. “Even if it’s just taking away one thing – I’m passionate about education, it’s what I live for. A lot of the looks from my collections can be re-created for salon work too. It’s not so much about trends, but creating something with individuality. We are showing you how to merge colour with creativity,” Caterina said.

9. Kate Engler – Today Show, Newspaper + Radio… Getting on them is easier than you think!

“When pitching to television you always have to think in pictures and think beyond the walls of your business. Getting on radio and television is easier than you think – show agility and piggyback off major publicity days,” Kate said. “Do outrageous things and be controversial.”

10. Julia Piantadosi – Profit or Perish

Julie always fills a room with salon owners awaiting a revelation that’s often more obvious than first realised – it all starts with mindset. Simple techniques for a more personal and realistic way of interacting with clients and team members that are proven to boost the bottom line were on the table in her seminars. “We are alive every day and we have a choice whether to be a one, or a 10. Focus on perspective – don’t multi-task everything and achieve nothing. Choose what’s important to you.”

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