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The Wrap: Day With Keune 2017

On Sunday June 11, about 1000 hairdressers truly spent the day with Keune. More than just a title, the brand put on a very full agenda, including their Day With Keune performance, which gathered hairdressing superstars from around world for a multitude of inspiring show segments, their annual Keune Foundation Ball, which hosted salons for a major event all in the name of philanthropy, and the announcement of their Art Series Trophy winners. Think around 18 hours of pure Keune, and nothing but networking, education and hair inspiration, packed into one very important Sunday.

Maria ‘Cathy’ Goretti Sukasti

The Day With Keune event, hosted at the The Star in Sydney, drew a crowd in large part due to the very impressive running list. Headlining the show was the creative Spanish trio X-Presion, known for their viral social media fame and pixelated hair trend, who presented their all new Disruptive collection and cutting-edge techniques for the enthralled crowd. When understanding the group’s education and innovation-first ethos, it makes sense that they travel around the world (and beyond social media) to personally make sure their ingenious techniques reach the intended audiences.


“When we started with X-Presion, we don’t have a salon, we wanted to create something new for the hair industry, we are the first company dedicated solely to developing new techniques and it makes sense when we share it and we see hairdressers around the world doing it,” the trio, comprised of Jorge Cancer, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jose Luis Almendral, shared. “One of the main things for us is education. For us, it’s a great honour to see the things we create in our R&D studio, to see that hairdressers around the world use it, for the salon to create new services based on our trends is really cool for us.”


While X-Presion were the final show of the day, Maria ‘Cathy’ Goretti Sukasti, Chairwoman of the Christopher Group in Indonesia, with over 70 prestigious salons, began it, with an elaborate Eastern-inspired show that presented detailed, intricate and Avant Garde hair and fashion, the pinnacle of which was conceptual and architectural pagoda-style hair pieces.

Maria ‘Cathy’ Goretti Sukasti

Other stand-out looks included the collaboration of Keune Creative Artistic Amabssador for Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Yap, with Hong Kong Hairdresser Sam Han, in their stirring and juxtaposing shows – take a playful Gwyneth Paltrow, Harajuku-girl inspire hair show and dance, which transitioned immediately to a more peaceful and spiritual Eastern-style cutting demonstration. Meanwhile, Tiago Aprigio, Keune’s Brazilian Brand Ambassador presented blonde and sexy bombshell hair that proves popular back home, and helped celebrate 20 years of Keune in Brazil. Robert Tarlo, Keune’s Creative Director for ANZ, and the brand’s Aussie Artistic Ambassador Sam Rizzo presented the local ingenuity our nation has to offer.

Daniel Yap

Hair and colour master duo Ilham Mestour, Keune’s Global Creative Artistic Director, and Marriet Gakes, Keune’s Global Creative Master of Colour, presented the brand’s dual identities and approaches on stage. First, the consumer-focused True Beauty platform, which deals with the client’s personality above trends (and ties in perfectly with the brand’s new online platform and app StreetSalon) and gives hairdressers salon-relevant, immediately-wearable and applicable trends to take back to their salons and share with their teams. Then there’s the newer, more progressive element that speaks to why hairdressers turn up in droves to inspiring hair education events like these in the first place.

True Beauty by Ilham Mestour and Marriet Gakes

“We realise as a brand that we really need to feed the beasts in these creative hair artists, hairdressers want to be inspired and feed themselves as an artist with creativity,” Ilham said. “We’ve found the right balance, so we have True Beauty, which is wearable hair for salons and consumers, and then Beyond True Beauty is more Avant Garde, which will launch in January 2018. It’s a platform full of education for those creative artists who want more than just wearable hair.” Ilham and Marriet presented both aesthetics on stage.

Beyond True Beauty by Ilham Mestour and Marriet Gakes

Beyond these shows, the day continued on to recognise talent in Australia, with the biannual Art Series Trophy winners announced at the event. National finalists were chosen for their photographic interpretation of the brand’s 2017 Nocturnal Reflection collection. Winners in each category were named as Joanne Banks from HairArt, WA (Senior Award Winner), Lauren Govier from Gentles Hairdressers, SA (Apprentice Award Winner) and Anthony Bayer of Anthony Bayer Hair, NZ (Judges Choice Award). Congratulations to the talented winners and finalists!

Maria ‘Cathy’ Goretti Sukasti

After a long and exhaustive day, most people would probably pack up and head back to the hotel for the foreseeable future, but not the extended Keune family who instead immediately travelled to the biggest night on the Keune calendar. The Annual Keune Foundation Ball raises funds for the titular Keune Foundation, which helps families with children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This year the event was held at The Argyle, with a fashion-forward Tokyo Neon Disco theme. Japanese treats, drinks, activities and photo booths, along with a silent auction and live entertainment, made the event like a buzzing mini-Harajuku city.


Charity, inspiration, education and celebration propelled Keune’s many salons and hairdressers from day to night and then to early morning, and we’re sure the thousands of still-recovering attendees would do it all over again.


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