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Order GlamPalm wholesale online with AfterPay

Dedicated to the continued innovation, education and accessibility of their hair tools, GlamPalm Australia has developed their website to incorporate online wholesale orders. This allows the hairdressing industry to order the brand’s extensive line of irons, hair dryers, wands and accessories any time.

Clients will be able to view the entire GlamPalm range online, see what they are ordering and track their order plus delivery status at any time. By combining with AfterPay, clients can now part pay for their GlamPalm hair tools and then can pay overtime at their own convenience interest-free!

“We believe the upgrade of our website is truly in line with what our clients want and need; access to ordering their favourite products for in salon use and retail at any time,” said GlamPalm Australia Managing Director, Koen Verelst. “Not only does it extend our service to our clients, but the flow on effect will be felt in the salon as they will be able to satisfy their clients’ needs more efficiently. We fully understand hairdressers are busy during the day and like to order outside office hours so we came up with this amazing system.”

“It’s been so important for GlamPalm to keep up to date with technology and ensure we continue to provide our clients with the quality of service they expect from GlamPalm,” Koen added.

With GlamPalm at the helm, this is truly the new frontier of the electrical tools industry.

For further information go to or call 1300 652 797