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Jack Reed Barbershop Embark on Plan to Provide 1000 Haircuts for the Homeless

A crucial reminder of a bygone era of dapper men’s style, Jack Reed Barbershop utilises a retro aesthetic, vibe and mentality, with a philanthropic element that is truly timeless. The salon, run by Danielle Hannah and Teresa Reed, has embarked on the 1000 Haircuts Project, to provide support to Queensland’s homeless contingent, and is travelling the state in their mobile barbershop to make it happen.

The company was formed in 2016, utilising aspects of vintage rockabilly and simple, authentic style to allow their brand to stand out. The Scarborough salon includes a dart board and a pool table so clients can relax in a retro, masculine environment.

Beyond this men’s-first stylistic approach, the barbershop is focused on charitable endeavours. The 1000 Haircut Project does exactly as the name suggests, providing 1000 haircuts to the homeless in order to afford them dignity and confidence through these hair transformations. The platform builds on stats that see 25,000 homeless people currently residing in Queensland, with 30 per cent younger than 18 years old. The barbershop believe that something as simple as a haircut can make a big difference in their lives, actively offering a service that simply can’t be a financial priority when you’re homeless, and giving those struggling through hardships a sense of humanity.

The salon is aiming to provide 1000 haircuts to the homeless in 12 months, actually bringing the haircuts to them and providing an authentic barbershop experience. With the help of sponsors such as The Queensland Government, who have provided a grant through the Dignity First initiative to help build a mobile barbershop, the salon has achieved more than 350 of these haircuts and is looking forward to making it to 1000 in a year. The mobile barbershop was made (and kept) stylish, innovative and comfortable by a myriad of partners – Van Demons created the space with two barber chairs, a sound system, air conditioning and a Nespresso machine, all which operate without the need for power. Meanwhile Upper Cut Deluxe and AMR gave products and equipment, Signarama North Lakes helped with design, Boho Balm donated balm as a parting gift to those who receive a haircut and Trending Media Australia has followed it all on camera, providing a voice to the city’s marginalised groups.

The trailer was completed in April and has since travelled Brisbane to deliver the haircuts, while also visiting the Royal Brisbane Hospital’s mental health unit once a month. Revolutionising the way we think of charity, style and giving back – Jack Reed Barbershop is on the pathway to truly great things.

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