Australia’s hairdressing industry will see strengthened salon business and an improved industry profile in the eyes of government, potential new hairdressers and the broader community through a new business accreditation program launched by the Australian Hairdressing Council at Hair Expo.

“The Salon Select accreditation program is the first in Australian hairdressing history,” AHC Chair Anthony Wynne-Hoelscher said. “This has been created to develop minimum business and in-salon training standards and build a body of professional salons from all parts of the country. This will also ensure that the industry can have a say in legislation and policies that directly affect operations as well as promote hairdressing as a proud career of first choice.”

Salon Select accredited hairdressers Jayne Wild and Brad Ngata

The launch follows a pilot program run in 2010 that accredited more than 70 professionally managed salons.

“Whilst the pilot program accredited many high profile salons, it is important to point out that salons everywhere and in all markets are encouraged to have their professional management recognised,” Mr Wynne-Hoelscher said.

As well as the launch of the Salon Select accreditation program, it was a big Hair Expo weekend for many existing Salon Select and Associate Members who won Hair Expo Awards.

These included Jayne Wild, her Wild Life Team and apprentice Kim Jones, Lisa Muscat of e Salon, Sharon Blain, Matt Clements of Assembly Hair, Lorna Evans of Zumay and Short Cuts Software.

AHC Board Member Faye Murray of Your Coach, who is also an Associate Member, was inducted into the Hair Expo Australia Hall of Fame.

“The benefits of becoming Salon Select include ongoing provision of business resources, addressing of industry issues through a united voice, and networking and mentoring opportunities with salons around the country,” Mr Wynne-Hoelscher said.

Salons may sign up for the AHC’s Salon Select program by calling Executive Officer, Leanne Cutler on 03 8679 0372 or by email: