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5 Next-Level Ideas to Make Your Salon More Eco-Friendly

It’s 2015, meaning most, if not all, salons have thought about their carbon footprint, right?

And while we’re sure you know to opt for chemical-free products, utilise recyclable tools and incorporate ethical, organic ranges on our retail shelf as often as possible, there are still more ways to help the planet.

Here are 5 methods to making your salon a better friend of the environment that you may not have thought of already.

Trail of footprints across grass

1. Offer Products with a Negative Carbon Footprint

Did you know it’s possible to have products that not only reduce your carbon footprint, but reverse it? We didn’t. These are the products that are at the forefront of sustainable technology, giving back to the environment, rather than taking from it. For example, O’Right’s Tree in a bottle shampoo is not only created by wind and solar energy, but is biodegradable and can fertilise trees when it breaks down. Finding these unique products, offered by a variety of brands, that give back to the environment, rather than taking from it, can go a long way in reducing our collective carbon footprint.

2. Buy Eco-Friendly Décor

Adding to the eco-friendly products, tools and equipment you already know you should be stocking, have you considered your salon décor as well? Recyclable art decorations, VOC-free paint, which is known to emit unhealthy gasses and other ethical, sustainable pieces can all go a long way in environmental decorating. With furniture, it helps to be creative, reusing old finds from thrift and antique stores rather than new pieces. Not only is this a cheaper and more sustainable solution, it helps your salon stand out in the process.

3. Host Events and Initiatives

There are so many environmentally-driven initiatives that can utilise a thriving salon community. Cut-a-thons, raffles, giveaways and other fundraising ideas can all be used to donate proceeds to a favourite environmental cause. Rallying the staff and clients for events can also generate great publicity, simply by posting the images online and on social media.

4. Go Fragrance Free

We’re sure you’re aware your shampoos, treatments and products should be sulphate-free and paraben-free where possible, but what about fragrances? Synthetic fragrances can increase allergic reactions amongst clients. Who needs more of a reason to go natural?

5. Think About The Towels!

With so many towels in the salon, the act of washing them is a subtle but deadly environmental trap, but there are solutions. Utilising micro-fibre or bamboo towels will increase absorbency so that you can use fewer, towels that have been gently used throughout the day can be reused for after-hours clean-up and gentler detergents should be utilised in the washing process. When it comes to both detergent and the washing schedule – less is often more. Recyclable towels such as Easydry or Big Towel, which are non-toxic and biodegradable, offer the ultimate in towel-related ecology.

Which of these environmental techniques does your salon already implement? And which are you keen to try?

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