At first, it seemed kind of funny that, of everyone, it would be two hairdressers who came up with the solution to, of all things, tattoo fading and dullness. That is, until we really thought about it and its strong connection to hair chemistry, hair colour and the hair industry at large. Local hairdressing legends Stevie Corthine and Alan Buki have teamed up to create new brand Snakes and Snipers and their debut product Protect & Resurrect has been launched to preserve tattoos as works of art.

Stevie’s famous colour work and personal love of tattoos, paired with Alan’s place in the hair fashion world and the product creation sphere with his own natural haircare brand Original and Mineral made the duo the ideal team to tackle the task.

“Stevie loves tattoos, he did a sleeve on his left arm and a year later he did his right arm and was upset with the colour difference. He came to speak to me because I had created O&M, and asked if there was something to do to stop the fading and to enhance them,” Alan explained. “I went to speak to my chemist who made O&M and he told us about properties in snake venom that could work for us. So we started testing snake venoms and there’s a peptide found in viper that puts elasticity back into the skin, which tightens up the line of the tattoo.”

Enter the secret ingredient, the venom of the Southeast Asian Temple Viper, which is combined with Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract, a Deep Sea Marine Extract to create the gentle lotion. The product is organically created, sustainable, not tested on animals, completely Australian-made and TGA and FDA approved. It’s also four years in the making, and has been finding success since recently beginning its distribution both locally and in the United States. The product is also sold online.

“The idea is it’s a lifestyle brand, it’s about people who are chefs, hairdressers, dancers, who want their tattoos to look better and brighter and keep the lines and shapes from fading,” Alan explained. “With tattoos today, you no longer have to hide them. Now it’s about, if you like it, enliven it, enrich it, bring it back to life.”

Of course, the hair industry has been considered within this venture and will continue to be. Alan and Stevie see the hair industry as the ideal stockists, clients and ambassadors for the brand, owing to hairdressers’ creativity, love of colour and affinity for tattoos.

“If you look at barbers, they’re perfect, beards and tatts, that’s what it’s all about! So we’re approaching barbers to be influencers, ambassadors and stockists,” Alan said, also adding that salons, bars and surf shops would be the perfect fit for the brand.

It’s a product and a concept that speaks to hairdressers who work to create bright hair hues and then prevent them from fading, who are adept at fostering hair health and healthy skin when it comes to the scalp and who appreciate artistry. With this in mind, it’s no wonder these two hairdressers were the first to launch this product into the market.

“Everything we thought of for this product you can do with hair – you can enrich hair, you can keep colour in hair longer, you can keep colour from fading,” Alan said. “When Stevie and I started talking about it we knew there was no reason we couldn’t do it, it’s amazing no one ever thought of it before.”

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