In an innovative and clever move that has the ecologists in us applauding, skincare brand Alpha-H has released new refillable, supersized bottles, available from April.


The unique packaging designs include a UV coated outer casing, which creates an insulation barrier when exposed to the sun, ensuring the antioxidants encased inside are maintained at a constant temperature and shielded from environmental factors. This helps to preserve the formulations inside.

The packaging includes a refillable inner component inside the protective case, which will be replaced after use, while the outer case and glass dropper will be reused. This will significantly reduce material waste and allow consumers an additional 20ml of product upon refill, free of charge.

The refillable bottles will be available in the Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin E Serum, Vitamin A&E Serum, and the Age Delay Facial Oil.

“In today’s retail sector where prices are going up and sizes are going down, customers usually get less for more and ultimately lose,” said Michelle Doherty, Owner and Director of Alpha-H. “Contrary to that our vitamin serums have increased in size and the price has remained the same so it’s a win for them. Customers are getting more of their favourite vitamin serum and they save again when it’s time to refill.”

A win for clients, the environment and product innovation all round, leave it to Alpha-H to tick all the boxes at once.

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