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An Apple a Day

Extracted from a rare strain of organic Swiss apple, the Protocell range contains stem cells that assist in preserving the skin’s vitality. Rigorous laboratory studies reveal a substantial decrease in the depth of wrinkles in 100 per cent of the group that underwent testing.


In addition, Protocell and Protocell Eye are infused with the seeds, peel and oil from French cider apples harvested near the picturesque shores of Brittany and Normandy and as if the ingredient line up couldn’t get any better, the range is also bursting with Aqua Cacteen and Argan Oil.

Aqua Cacteen is a deluxe elixir made from the prickly pear Opuntia Cactuas – a cactus bursting with flavones, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and polysaccharides known for their rich hydrating and protective properties.

Emergin C

Argan Oil has been a treasured beauty secret of Moroccan women for centuries – indigenous to South Morocco, the Argan fruit contains a highly valuable oil renowned for its ability to preserve cells, nourish dry and damaged skin, accelerate the healing of stretch marks and control oily skin.

This veritable feast of ingredients packs a serious anti-ageing punch and heralds a new direction in the exciting world of high-tech skincare.

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