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Dale Dorning Skincare Workshop

New York’s historical skincare brand Kiehl’s Since 1851 proved that they can still keep up with modern trends, through a workshop with popular hair and makeup artist Dale Dorning. Always a trendsetter, Dorning’s presence brought a host of fashionable patrons to Kiehl’s Boutique Burnside Village, all who were eager to learn Dorning’s secret skincare and makeup tips.

Kiehl's skincare workshop - Dale Dorning addressing audience

Dale Dorning conducted a workshop at a Kiehl’s Boutique location.

Since starting in the 19th century, Kiehl’s has become adept at following the modern age. Dorning’s presence pushed it further into the world of makeup and other trends is a natural progression for the adaptable brand who have played with hair, body and other ranges of products as they have continued to expand.

Dale Dorning’s workshop was a great way to keep the brand on the map. As a celebrity and editorial hair and makeup artist, Dorning is renowned for styling Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins, Delta Goodrem and a host of other supermodels and stars. His work has landed on the covers and pages of Cleo, Cosmopolitan, WHO and more. His partnership with the brand just continues to increase his already prolific profile, while his contemporary trendsetter status and heavy media following allows Kiehl’s to stay timeless and relevant.

The workshop focussed on Dorning’s insider tips for ‘fit skin’ and perfect makeup application, using his must-have Kiehl’s products.

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