Partnering with the Harvey Milk Foundation, DMK Australia and New Zealand hosted a charity dinner at Sydney’s Dockside on Wednesday Feb 26 to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTI community under the shared belief of changing people’s lives for the better, writes Cameron Pine.

Harvey Milk’s ground breaking election in 1977 made him one of the world’s first openly gay elected officials with a visible and symbolized freedom to live life with authenticity to millions of LGBT women and men around the world – values which DMK believes aligns them as a brand committed to changing people’s lives for the better.

The nephew of Harvey Milk, Stuart Milk brought the foundation to Australian Shores for the first time thanks to the support of DMK further spreading the word that the Foundation still to this day remains true to giving those with no hope a reason to live by honoring the legacy, ‘Hope will never be silent’.

“DMK are a global ambassador for the Harvey Milk Foundation based on a shared belief in authenticity regardless of identity,” said DMK Australia Head of Education Debbie Dickson.

“We believe everyone has the right to great skin, and give everyone the opportunity to put their best face forward and be their true confident self,” Debbie said.

DMK’S long proven products and techniques in the beauty space enable people the chance to take off their mask and furthermore thanks to the work of the Harvey Milk Foundation the brand is able to spread the message of hope and equality even further.

With more than 100 people at the dinner including leading salon partners and DMK affiliates, guests generously dug deep to purchase raffle tickets, be entertained by Joyce Maynge and hear directly from brand founder Dannè Montague King himself.

Making the trip from the Hollywood Hills prior to his appearance on the Harvey Milk Float, Dannè’s passion for changing people’s lives and empowering belief runs deeper than skincare – the dinner proved a heartfelt success. The Harvery Milk Float at Mardi Gras included a saxophone and musical trio plus Dannè as ‘Liz’ and DMK supporters and staff dressed in white and rainbow flags to spread the message of hope and independence. The glamorous DMK float gracefully made its way down Oxford Street, led by founder Dannè Montague King, dressed immaculately in character as Liz Loren. With 20 million people tuning into the parade broadcast, the float was able to display and embody the core belief of freedom to express oneself in a safe and positive environment.

“I guarantee you there are people in that crowd that had no hope to the point where they may have planned their own suicide, that will go to the Pride [Mardi Gras] and will pull apart those plans and realise that they have a future,” Dannè said.

In 2019 alone, DMK collectively raised over $135,000 for the Harvey Milk Foundation through the sales of the DMK Limited range (an ultra-luxurious range originally created specifically for some of Dannè’s most discerning clients who wanted the best skincare – regardless of cost). 10 per cent of all sales proceeds of this range continue to be donated to the HMF.

On the night an additional 25,000 Australian dollars was donated by DMK Australia to the cause.

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