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Australian botanicals brands LI’TYA introduces its new Men’s Shaving Range, including Australian Native Shave Soap and Aftershave Oil.

With organic and sustainably wild-harvested Australian botanicals in its formulations for 12 years, LI’TYA’s scientifically proven ingredients create potent and nurturing skin care products respected throughout the world and present in a number of high calibre day spas.

LI’TYA Australian Native Shave Soap

The Australian Native Shave Soap is a soothing, highly effective blend of botanical and earth extracts. Containing organic Essential Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus to cleanse and tighten pores and Vitamin E for an anti-oxidant boost, this stylish shave soap will create a gentle razor glide for smooth and nurtured skin.

LI’TYA Australian Native Aftershave Oil

The Australian Native Aftershave Oil includes organic Avocado Oil to increase collagen production, Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil for its anti-bacterial properties and Vitamin E for a refreshing anti-inflammatory shaving finale.

In keeping with the LI’TYA Tread Lightly environmental ethos, the packaging is recyclable aluminium with a percentage of profits donated to indigenous people through the LI’TYA Foundation.

For more information call (03) 9587 7088 or visit 

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