M.A.C is once again proving its position as a pioneer in the beauty sector, debuting the brand’s first ever Makeup studio, located in New York City. Fittingly housed in Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side, the studio offers clients a personalised beauty experience with one of the company’s talented makeup artists.

MAC Makeup Studio - 825 Lexington - Interior

“The Studio’s space is very intimate and allows for the relationship between artist and consumer to flourish in a way that a classic retail space may not typically allow,” said Karen Buglisi Weiler, Global Brand President of M.A.C Cosmetics. The space is centred on application, rather than retail, although the brand’s full product range is available, just marketed more discreetly than your regular store.

The décor is built on five oversized face charts that flank the store, paired with six makeup stations in the middle of the space, each equipped with an iPad that features the Studio’s full menu of services, based on M.A.C’s most requested looks, inspirational aesthetics and the brand’s new booking tool. Two private makeup rooms are also available.

The studio has been constructed to imitate the feel of a salon, with a blend of cool and warm lighting tones that evoke the feel of natural light, and traditionally salon-specific extras, such as a concierge, café services and charging stations.

MAC Makeup Studio - 825 Lexington

“Artistry and individuality are at the core of the Studio and the M.A.C culture,” said M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Vice President of Makeup Artistry, Gordon Espinet. “This store concept offers customers to celebrate their individuality with the guide of our trusted makeup artists.” The studio menu is comprised of both full-face applications and lessons, or shorter Focus Features, which pertain to just one area of the face. Each service is customisable to the client’s preferred products and shades.

The newest innovation from one of the most prominent forces in the makeup realm, M.A.C’s first ever studio merges technology, artistry and that intangible salon quality to become an irresistible new feature of Manhattan.

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