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Introducing Benefit’s New Roller Lash

Benefit have concocted their latest generation-defining mascara, and the beauty dynasty hosted Sydney beauty media at The Establishment last week to celebrate. A lavish lunch was hosted with optimal 50s nostalgia – owing to the fact that the new product was inspired by a tool hair stylists have been using for decades.


That’s right, the Roller Lash is based on the very retro hair curler, taking this concept and old-school technology and applying it to lashes. The product’s patented Hook ‘n’ Roll brush has tiny hooks in order to separate, lift and curl lashes, so that it can act as both a mascara and eyelash curler all at once.

The mascara comes in an ink black shade and contains lash-conditioning ingredients such as B5 and Serin, as well as promising 12 hour results. The innovative wiper feature also ensures just the right amount of mascara is applied.


The event pedalled the tool’s retro roots in full force, with only 50s and 60s music playing, TV dinner sets and an old-school beauty salon set up mimicking the playful Roller Lash campaign imagery (yes, even the dog made an appearance!). Pink curlers adorned the tables and, in true Benefit fashion, the whole event, from the table setting to the hosts’ dresses or the sugary doughnuts given on the way out, was pervaded by pink.


Julie Bell, Benefit’s Executive Vice President of Global Marketing captivated the crowd with her larger-than-life persona, travelling all the way from San Fransisco to promote the product launch. Benefit Cosmetics Australia General Manager Justin Fullerton oversaw the event and also addressed the guests.


Retro model and beauty salon at the Benefit Roller Curl Sydney launch

Famous for top selling mascara product They’re Real! Mascara, Benefit believe the Roller Lash addresses an entirely different set of lash needs, actively curling lashes and aiding those with shorter or straighter lashes who may not have been able to use They’re Real at all.

With its fun, retro concept and innovative technology, the Roller Lash is the perfect addition to the notably girly, quirky Benefit portfolio – all inspired by a crucial product stylists have been using for decades.

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