In their 6th annual artist collaboration to celebrate the holidays, skincare brand Kiehl’s Since 1851 impressed yet again. The limited edition label designed by artistic duo Craig & Karl is a kaleidoscopic vision of vibrant colour, which will adorn the brand’s products.


The artists have put their creations to products including the classic Creme de Corps, lip balm set and Ultra Facial Cream. It follows the brand’s holiday collaborations with well-known artists such as Jeff Koons, Kenny Scharf and Eric Haze.

C K Creme De Corps“We were so excited to have Craig & Karl as our holiday partners this year. Their colourful illustrations are incredibly unique and we knew their creativity would blend perfectly with Kiehl’s,” said Maria Gustafson, Senior Vice President, Global Creative for Kiehl’s. “In addition to our packaging, we are translating their design into our windows, in-store merchandising, gift box sets and other collateral items, so that when a customer enters our stores, they will experience Craig & Karl’s vision for holiday in a uniquely Kiehl’s way.”


Craig & Karl are renowned for their portraits of celebrities ranging from Jay-Z to Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga, as well as their artistic exhibitions around the world. “We were inspired to partner with Kiehl’s because they take great care with not only their products, but also with how the brand is visually presented to the world, which of course is very appealing to us,” they said. “Their previous collaborations have been very high quality; the people involved are such amazing artists, so we were honoured to be asked.”

The collaboration outlines just how important it is to reflect the holiday spirit in every facet your salon, business or brand. And what better what to do that than with a bit of colour?

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