On June 17, MAC Australia Senior Artist Nicole Thompson presented the media with MAC’s approach to makeup for the coming seasons. The iconic brand showcased four trends that balance natural, subtle makeup with artistic design. The brand preached individuality, quiet confidence and a fierce attitude as the primary tools for mastering this year’s top runway looks, while some innovative eyeliner techniques and a strong eyebrow never go astray.


MAC for Missoni

With hundreds of International Fashion Week runway shows styled by MAC, the brand utilises its experience with such big name designers as Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Jonathan Saunders and so many more to dictate the trends. This season the four trends pertain to clean lines, unorthodox tones and highlighting techniques.

Off Colour brings out the best in shades previously avoided. Tones include polluted pink, veined blue, bruised plum and dusty ochre. These transparent shades add a mood to the face, and can be worn as a base, blush or eye shadow to bring out their beauty.


MAC demonstrate Off Colour for Philosophy

Streamlined uses architectural lines to lend an edge to the eyes and eyebrows. The unorthodox use of clean, elegant lines creates a strong, grunge effect, by emphasising the eyes in new ways. Bold primary colours, from bright yellow to a sky blue or a vivid green have all made an appearance on eyes and eyebrows throughout the runway.


MAC present Streamlined for Edeline Lee

On Reflection is all about texture, juxtaposing shine with matte through gloss and neutral metallics. The technique uses light to reflect the features, shaping the face in a carefully considered and minimal way. This can be achieved through essential oils, bases and pigments.


MAC present On Reflection for Jonathan Saunders

Unprocessed champions ‘real’ and minimal make up, that isn’t trying too hard. The makeup adds weight and presence without transforming the look of the model, managing nuanced textures and tones to make the girl look fresh but still natural. Nude lipsticks, eyeliners, sculpting powders and other hidden products can all be employed to create a look that shines in its subtlety.


MAC show Unprocessed for Prabal Gurung

The trends walk a fine line between deconstructed style and artistry, playing with shiny textures, minimal aesthetics and transparent tones to go natural, whilst often emphasising features with bold, colourful lines. You can expect to see these innovative trends from New York to Paris in the approaching runway season.

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