After eleven years in the infamously gruelling American market, Napoleon Perdis is withdrawing both his products and his personnel from the world’s largest cosmetic industry. With Napoleon Perdis flagships shutting down and the brand’s products being taken off department store shelves, its major news not just for disappointed US consumers, but for the international beauty industry as a whole.

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On the plus side, this will shift an even larger focus to Napoleon’s Australian business, which turned over more than 7 times the retail sales of the American market anyway. The next phase will also see his brand expand to the Middle East and through South East Asia as a whole.

The cons come in the form of the unavoidable collateral damage, where 120 Napoleon Perdis employees will lose their jobs. Napoleon products will be pulled from department stores including Bergdorf Goodman, Niemen Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillard’s and 2000 Target retailers. His Californian warehouse and Beverly Hills flagship store will also close down.

“By the end of the financial year there will be nothing left in America,” Napoleon shared. “But you know, we survived there for 11 years, we survived the greatest economic collapse America has seen in generations. But even with the millions of dollars we were investing into America, we were barely scratching the surface. It is such a huge and complex market, it just did not make sound commercial sense to keep going”

Simply looking at the numbers, which detail $120 million in Australian Napoleon Perdis sales compared to $17 million worth of sales in America, the decision feels inevitable. Still, watching a global beauty institution leave the world’s largest cosmetic market will leave an invariable hole and mark the end of an eleven-year era.