Last Thursday, Sydney’s beauty media filed into the QT Hotel for the Australian launch of a revolutionary new skincare product, leaving with a far greater understanding of the science behind ageing, and how it can be stopped. The 1Truth818 serum, to be distributed in Australian salons by Inskin Cosmedics, is based on Nobel Prize winning science that aims to stop ageing completely by mid-2016.


Yes you read that right – the science is in motion to stop ageing in it’s entirety by mid next year. What’s the next step after that? Reversing it.

Award winning scientist Dr Bill Andrews of Nevada based company Sierra Sciences, believes that ageing is a disease to be cured. He explained that ageing is dependent on the length of our telomeres, which are the caps of our chromosomes. The secret to stopping ageing then lies in halting the shortening of these telomeres, and the secret to reversing ageing lies in lengthening them, which is done with an anti-ageing enzyme found in regenerative cells called Telomerase.

Dr Bill Andrews

After $33 million worth of scientific research, Telomerase Activating Molecule 818 was developed – and with the technology to lengthen Telomeres by 16% it’s the furthest science has come in making skin younger. Let’s be clear, that’s not look or feel younger, but actually be younger.

A clinical trial of 100 people found an increase in skin firmness by 20.33%, a reduction in crows feet and forehead wrinkles by 11% and 14.04% respectively and an improvement in skin smoothness by 12.53% and 9.63% in the forehead and eye areas, all after just 30 days.


If the hypotheses of Sierra Sciences are on point, we’ll all be healthy and have the capacity to live until the age of 150 before the decade is up. Until then 1Truth818 is the latest breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare, and all royalties for Sierra Sciences go towards creating new technologies that will hopefully allow us to all live forever.

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