Rummaging through a messy makeup bag is never ideal when attempting a quick touch up, which is why beauty brand Pressplay has released its latest technology, perfecting convenience and style for the traveling makeup essentials for consumers. The opulent yet functional Pressplay Capsule was revealed at the new product’s Pressplay Breakfast Launch, a morning of opulent dining and cosmetics, writes McKenna Uhde.

In a floral wonderland, guests enjoyed a lavish breakfast by Baby Coffee Co., while founder Kate Flammea spoke on the company’s history and how their new hero product works closely with the new range.

Among the brand’s high performance cosmetics is the newly-launched revolutionary Pressplay Capsule. Recognising the demands of a woman’s fast-paced lifestyle, Pressplay has created a storage solution that proves the perfect accessory for day-to-night wear. The smart phone sized capsule offers space for seven individual products and a mirror, making for effortless on-the-go application.

Pressplay offers over 40 newly reformatted products to fill your capsule, including foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss and hand sanitizer. The newly structured liquid products come in miniature tubes, and powder products in custom discs that click into the bottom of the capsule. You can then fill your capsule with all the Pressplay products that keep you going throughout the day.

After owning four skincare businesses, and having a family, Kate has created a product that works for a woman’s busy schedule. Never again will consumers feel the stress of losing a lipstick at the bottom of your handbag. When you’re rushing between clients and finding all your must-have beauty items without having to rummage, you’ll thank them.

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