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PRIORI FORTE Professional Peels

Created by the Cosmeceutical pioneers that brought us the first glycolic acid AHA skincare products way back in 1983 comes PRIORI FORTE Professional Peels.

The new offering from PRIORI leaves skin hydrated and revitalised by promoting normal levels of hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural moisturiser) producing results that are 70-95% better than glycolic acid.

PRIORI Forte Professional Peels combine the latest research in acid compounds on the skin (utilising lactic acid compounds with ideal pH levels) to create a new generation of medical peels that produce immediate results.

Dry, mature and sun-damaged skin is revitalised and the product is the perfect antidote for problem-prone skin and adult acne. The peels offer maximum exfoliation, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and promote normal levels of collagen and elastin for firmer looking skin.

Contact 1800 808 993 for stockist information.

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