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Super Fruits Wax Collection

Known for their successful spray tan products, Solaire have released their own brand of wax – the Super Fruits Wax Collection.

The Super Fruits wax collection highlights the use of antioxidant superfruits, used frequently in the tanning industry to promote soothing properties and rapid recovery of the skin.

The Solaire Blueberry Crush Range contains Mica, with its soothing properties, assists in the rapid recovery of the skin after waxing. This wax is strong enough for coarse hair, but still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The Solaire Creamy Coconut/Vanilla Range is designed for superior waxing of sensitive areas. The titanium in this range allows the wax to cling to fine hairs but releases easily from the skin, reducing redness and is ideal for sensitive or mature skin. This range is designed for the most delicate and sensitive areas making it perfect for facial and XXX waxing.

Both the Solaire Blueberry Crush and Creamy Coconut/Vanilla are available in handy 500 gram pop out packs, 1 litre tubs and 100ml cartridges with Solaire also carrying a full range of wax pots, cartridge heaters and waxing accessories.

For more information contact Solaire on 1300 650 079 or visit 

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