Kids in candy stores have nothing on me in The Lip Lab, the new Australian franchise which sees clients come in and create their own shade.

It’s not just colour the clients have control over – finish (matte, cream, etc.), additives (plumping features, sun care, anti-ageing and more) and even a wide array of flavours are up for grabs, in a range of lipsticks, lipglosses and, soon, foundation. It’s no wonder the Paddington flagship store and rapidly multiplying Lip Lab destinations are filled with walk-ins, bookings and (not surprisingly) Hen’s parties, but most intriguing is how this will fit in with salons.


The unique concept pairs clients with a specialised Lip Lab expert, who, in a roughly 30 minute consultation, will create that client’s ideal shade, mix the colours to their specifications, add the requisite other features and then heat and set the formula.

“Everything is measured precisely,” said Lip Lab owner and co-founder Kimberley Treacy. “We tried a few systems and just could not get the right mix or the formula to set. Once we tweaked a few things and worked out our unique technique we knew we were on to a winner.”


With beauty at its core and education paramount to its success, the concept is a perfect fit for salons – and, as well as international expansion and other standalone stores, that’s where it’s headed next.

“We have decided to offer the system to a few select salons,” Kimberly said. “Not everyone will be a perfect fit for our concept and that’s OK, we don’t want a Lip lab on every corner, we prefer to have quality partners who respect our brand and share our vision. We also have a few select standalone kiosks earmarked for major shopping centres and standalone stores just like we have at our flagship store in Sydney.”


While there is no current plan to merge the idea with hair salons, the owners admit it would be a perfect fit, and it’s not hard to see why. What better way to complete a new hair colour than with a bespoke new shade of lipstick? The personal nature of the concept and way it can change the overall look of a client makes it an idea we hope spreads to hair salons soon.

Other than that, the horizons are bright for The Lip Lab, who are winning acclaim with a dynamic and coveted initiative that fills a much needed spot in the market. Clients are able to name their shades, so they can keep their signature product in supply and re-order it again at will. They can also purchase lip liners, nail polishes and candles to suit their new personalised product.


“In the way of products, we are launching custom blend foundations over the coming weeks, and that looks like being more popular than lipstick,” shared Kimberly what’s to come. “On a business level, we are currently working with a large Group in the UAE who would like us to take the concept there but on a much grander scale. We have also had interest from Tokyo, New Zealand and even USA so are concentrating on that direction at present.”


Candy stores, eat your heart out.

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