Driving to the gym early this week, my very single, very attractive girlfriend (let’s call her Susie) asked what my partner and I were dong for Valentine’s Day. Scarred from our last attempt at fine dining on Feb 14th (set menu, dried out, pre-prepared food, that ‘cattle’ feeling of simply another couple, passing through, destined for heartache), I explained we planned to stay in, cook a nice meal and enjoy what is essentially just another night together. She wailed in response.

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“Ohhhh! What am I going to do? It’s so depressing. Oh my god, I know. I’ll upload a photo of flowers to Instagram with a comment on how stoked I am to receive them (from a secret admirer) and then you like it, OK?”

It’s an interesting day, and whether you’re on the loved up band wagon or not, there’s potential for V Day to stimulate reflection and stir up wanted and unwanted thoughts and emotions. It’s a different day for everyone, but no matter if you’re single, Tinder dating, happily married or in that first six months (Honeymoon) zone, there’s some interesting facts about cupid’s busiest calendar day that everyone may be interested to learn, it may even make the Susie’s among us feel a little better about tomorrow’s agenda.

Here are five things you may or may not know about Valentine’s Day, according to a survey that asked members of dating site EliteSingles.com.au how they felt about the day.

1. Men are needier than women

Men and women have different views on what constitutes Valentine’s Day gloom. 45 per cent more men than women revealed they would rather be in a bad relationship than spend the day alone.

2. It’s OK to send yourself flowers

If you do find yourself alone, don’t fret – just buy yourself flowers. A full 10 per cent of those polled said they’d sent themselves a Valentine’s Day bouquet in the past.

3. Be careful of proposing 

Those dreaming of the Valentine’s proposal might want to re-think their plans. The poll reveals not everyone is convinced; almost 40 per cent consider Valentine’s Day proposals “too clichéd” to be romantic!

4. Gentlemen: sex is not a given

Sixty-two per cent of men said they expected to have sex on Valentine’s Day – and not just sex, better than average sex. Yet with 50 per cent of female respondents saying the opposite, Valentine’s Day may not go entirely to plan for plenty of men this year! The good news? Of the women who do expect sex on Valentine’s Day, almost 2/3 say it should be better than average.

5. 25 per cent of couples may be loveless

1 in 4 EliteSingles respondents said that if they were planning to break up with their partner, they’d do so after Valentine’s Day. Those single this year might at least see consolation in knowing that they won’t be dumped the day after!

Elite Singles’ psychologist Wiebke Neberich had this to say; “Singles tend to forget that our loneliest moments are not only when we’re single. The difficulties of a bad relationship can bring feelings of loneliness and helplessness far worse than single life, and Valentine’s Day is a confrontation with this reality. The key for singles is to remember that happiness comes from the quality of their personal relationships; whether these be close friends or a truly loving partnership.”

Check out this ‘How To impress your ultimate date on Valentine’s Day,’ according to Haircare Creative Director, Lauren McCowan as featured in INSTYLE’s Jan/Feb INManual.

Ladies if you want to knock the guy’s socks off, it’s not by getting out ‘the girls’ and expecting all the work to happen from his end.

I don’t personally get into the whole flowers, chocolates, teddy bears thing, I mean, if I wanted to make Hallmark money I would go work for them as a creative director and get a profit share in that. Plus, if some dude gave me a teddy bear – I would roundhouse him. To impress your ultimate date you need to get into what I like to call ‘the art of manliness.’ In basic terms that means- do shit he wants to do sister and look like an absolute babe while doing it.

1. Brunch overlooking the ocean. Champagne will help prep what is about to follow.

2. Cage diving with Great White Sharks – always wanted to do it, dudes love it and if this guy is my ultimate date, he needs to be on board.

3. Post shark-ordeal couple’s massage and epic lunch- everyone loves an epic massage and an even better lunch.

4. Afternoon delight. It’s Valentine’s Day! ‘My motto has always been, when it’s right, it’s right.’ Starland Vocal band had it going on…

5. Fancy Fresh seafood dinner with endless champagne and his favourite drinks. Dress like you’re about to win an Oscar.

6. Moonlight swim … and that’s all I’m telling you.

7. Most important thing? Laughter and hilarious fun, all day.