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This New Makeup Styling Guide Is The Future of Beauty Retail In Salons

How much are you capitalising on makeup retail in your salon? If you’ve been holding back because you think your stylists aren’t equipped to sell makeup, you can’t find the right professional range or you don’t see why makeup is so important to haircare, this platform (and makeup brand) is rapidly changing that train of thought.

The Curtis Collection have released a Makeup Stylist Guide, an online platform that gauges your client’s complexion, undertone, eye colour, hair colour and more to determine the right beauty shades for them, taken from the comprehensive Curtis Collection beauty portfolio. Several hair brands have been utilising this technology in diagnosing hair, and now this unique technology is bringing that idea to beauty shades.


“One thing people do at this time of year is add highlights or change their hair colour, so if you are a hairdresser, a lot of the time, people walk away and they’re not sure how they feel about that hair colour because they’re wearing the same makeup,” Victoria Curtis, The Curtis Collection Founder, said. “I think makeup tones play a big part in making your hair colour come alive and complementing it.”

Whether it be applying a new colour, or just your clients coming to you as a consistent port of call on their aesthetic, hairdressers are more vital to consumers’ beauty choices than we may realise. Where hairdressers who aren’t trained as makeup artists may think they’re not educated enough about beauty to divulge this advice and then sell retail beauty products, the platform steps in. By pointing out the perfect hues on everything from eye shadows, to lipsticks, blushes and more, especially to suit that new hair look, clients will rapidly learn and then, buy.


“When a client leaves the salon you want them to get in the car, look in the mirror and think they look fantastic, rather than questioning their makeup, and then questioning whether the hair colour is good,” Victoria opined. “If they’re using the wrong makeup, because they’re not educated enough, they don’t think ‘oh it’s my lipstick’, they think ‘I hate my hair colour, I’m never going to that hairdresser again.’”

Most consumers aren’t aware of beauty intricacies that should inform their tonal choices, where different hues should be worn with even alternate pieces of jewellery, and clashing tones should never be worn together. Victoria pointed out that the consumer often can’t even put their finger on what is wrong with the aesthetic, just that something is. This platform changes that, putting the onus on education for hairdresser and client alike.


“We need to make it effortless for the hairdressers who aren’t makeup artists to go through this and talk hair to explain makeup,” Victoria shared. “We need to train our stylists to think very differently about how they approach clients with makeup, it needs to be the answer to their problems, I want it to bring their hair to life. I think that’s why this has been such a success in this industry, because we’ve really tailored the approach to salon owners and their staff.”

The platform, and entire comprehensive beauty bar stocked with hundreds of products, was made with this professional angle in mind. Victoria herself comes from a family entirely made up of hairdressers and makeup artists (and one dentist, she admits). Growing up in that professional environment, she discovered that the salon is a go-to space for women to share any aesthetic concerns and seek professional advice. The beauty bars have become a destination point that offer clients long-term beauty solutions to these woes.


Victoria Curtis

With those unique hours spent in the chair talking to clients, why not turn attention to their makeup necessities? If they leave the salon with the right new hue, your retail profits increase and your clients’ satisfaction with their new colour sky-rockets. With this new technology and professional, education-centric approach, this platform is the new frontier of makeup in salons.

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