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Big Towel Company joins Pivot Point

Ruth Brown, Head of Pivot Point Academy in Melbourne, understands the importance of tackling environmental issues and teaching younger generations to develop a social conscience.

As such, she has switched to using disposable towels from the Big Towel Company.

“The Big Towel Company towels provide a hygienic, sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cotton towels. There’s a very high environmental cost of the use of water, electricity and soap products when using cotton towels,” said Browne.

“When provided with the opportunity to use Big Towel Company towels, I was very excited about the innovative approach to solving environmental problems,” she added.

The Big Towel Company is owned by internationally renowned hairdresser Sharon Blain who now distributes her recyclable towels to environmentally aware hairdressing Tafes, colleges and schools across Australia.

Not only do the towels save time and money, they also save thousands of litres of water every year, eliminating harmful cleaning chemicals from entering eco-systems and considerably reducing salons’ carbon footprints.

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