The market leader in hairdressing education, the DCI Institute, has launched a new website full of useful tips to support the educational needs of the hairdressing industry.

A fabulous online educational tool, the DCI Institute website supports the day-to-day training of hairdressers, salon owners and educators across the globe with up-to-the-minute video content.

With sales of over 49,000 for the first series of videos, the new “Revolution” collection promises to be a standout too – the latest offering has eight chapters of informative content.

The videos showcase the technical aspects of hairdressing whilst offering useful tips on improving the client experience – all wrapped up in an easily digestible format ensuring effortless implementation in salons.

Stylists can download a technique instantly or purchase a DVD – a printable step-by-step guide supports each video and acts as an offline reference to the tutorial which can be utilised in a classroom environment.

Visit for all your educational needs.