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Easydry Helps Cut Electricity Bills

Easydry is helping salons cut or stabilise energy costs as the gas and electricity price hike lottery came into effect in July.  While some salons will face rises of just a few per cent, others will fare much worse, with Queenslanders dealing with a 22.6 per cent increase.

“A lot of salons have been approaching us recently for the first time, saying above-inflation rises in the cost of energy are putting an additional strain on business,” said Anne Butterly, CEO of Easydry – the pioneering eco-friendly disposable towel manufacturer. 

Energy providers are blaming the rising wholesale price of electricity and gas, plus the cost of carbon schemes introduced by the government.

Salons are high-energy users, having to heat up water for shampooing and using power-hungry hair tools, but many are unaware that washing and drying towels also burns up precious energy. “Washing towels is a huge drain in terms of energy and water, and if a salon has to tumble-dry towels as well, that can represent an additional big cost,” said Anne.

Experience shows that switching to Easydry can halve a salon’s electricity bill while ending the relentless grind of laundering towels.

A previous winner of the Hair Expo Entrepreneur of the Year award and holder of 10 further awards, Easydry offers more than just convenience, guaranteed hygiene and a touch of luxury. Biodegradable, recyclable and made using environmentally sustainable methods, Easydry is helping cut the hair industry’s carbon footprint by ending the need to keep a constant supply of clean towels for clients and lowering demand for environmentally damaging cotton. There is no better system for clients, salons or the planet.

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