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Easydry’s water wonder

Easydry clients have bucked the industry trend by saving the country more than 20 million litres of water since the award-winning disposable towel was launch in 2009. 

Hundreds of salons have now signed up to the Easydry system, giving their clients the luxury of a brand new, eco-friendly disposable towel every visit instead of heavy scratchy cotton ones, and in doing helped conserve vast amounts of precious water. And with increasing numbers of salons switching, the amount of water saved will continue to rise. 

“Using Easydry saves salons between five to seven litres of water that it usually takes to wash just one towel. That adds up to between 60,000 and 90,000 litres of water each year per salon,” says Gavin Hinton, general manager of Easydry. “With increasing numbers of salons waking up to the savings possible, financially as well as environmentally, in switching to Easydry, we can save even more water.”

A pioneer of disposable towels in salons and spas made from certified natural resources, Easydry allows salons to throw away their heavy, often scratchy cotton towels and switch instead to soft, light and highly absorbent disposables.

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