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Hairhouse Warehouse Conference 2013

In 2013, the HHWH conference once again elected the Palmer Coolum Resort, Sunshine Coast, to descend a surge of Australian suppliers and HHWH Franchisees with a heavy agenda to fulfil, writes Lauren King.

Multi-Unit Franchisee, Local Area Marketing & Manager of the Year Winners

There’s the all important Expo day where, this year,  leading suppliers collectively welcomed $10 million worth of sales for the Christmas period and beyond, the series of themed gala dinners and informative seminars where franchisees in particular welcome news and inspiration for their HHWH business, and the all-important conclusive Premi Hair Awards night – where Franchisee excellence is awarded. And what a bright forecast lay ahead for all involved.

Where to start. Firstly there’s the foray into global expansion, a large task that will see HHWH co –founders and ultimate ambassadors, Tony and Joseph Lattouf spend vested time abroad – ultimately in discussion with potential partners of ideal markets. This motive has effectively begun, with long-term HHWH character; Emad Nayef stepping up into the company’s Managing Director role, working closely with company CEO, Arthur Mitroulas.

“The biggest thing for me has been introducing Emad into the role of Managing Director. It has enabled us to ask different questions. I liken him to being our knight – getting out there, connecting with the franchisees, and making sure we have the right information and are returning the benefits. And this creates another objective – it allows Tony and Joseph, the ideal ambassadors who have lived and breathed this company for over 20 years, to travel the world and share their vision with potential partners in global markets we’re looking to expand into,” said Arthur.

Franchisee of the Year – 1-2 Sites winners Jim & Ann Marshall with Improved store of the Year Winner, Gateways 

The promotion of Emad is just one example of the systematic nature driving the success of the HHWH group and its current 142 stores (with 10 on the near horizon). It’s a huge machine and well-oiled functionality is a must. Constantly on the move and now more than ever with the world its oyster, HHWH is zooming in on systems and education – evaluating, developing and executing new and improved tools and inspiration designed to enable HHWH franchisees around the nation, and soon the globe, to gain back control of their lives and enjoy a certain lifestyle – one to be admired.

“The mission is; we want to be a creative brand that innovates consistently, so we want our systems to be automatic to ensure we can focus on that.

Hall of Fame Inductees Tim & Bec Arriola

Franchisees buy into HHWH to have a lifestyle, and we create this through systems such as our loyalty program, point of sale system, education including online education modules, merchandising direction etc,” explains Arthur.

Launched at the HHWH 2013 conference was the concept of the electrical wall – a clever merchandising approach marked to engage the ever-demanding, drifting attention span of the gen-Y consumer. 

“With the launch of the new electrical wall, we’re asking suppliers to have systems where their image comes to life and products can be explored by the consumer – ultimately engaging each of the six senses and delivering on our objective to create that all important X factor,” said Arthur.

Creating experiences for client’s in-salon will also be the new and exclusive brand to HHWH, Make. The super-contemporary, sophisticated styling range will launch with 15 wet-styling products and will launch with the exclusionary semi-permanent colour brand, Dare and electrical line, Halo. Make, Dare and Halo are designed to exist harmoniously with the current and ever growing HHWH portfolio of brands – working together to provide further point of difference for all HHWH salons.

Make has been carefully crafted to emotionally connect with the market locally and abroad, and in a way, is just another foray into the ‘exclusive’ brand philosophy that HHWH has stood for since inception over two decades ago. The smart-sophistication exuding the new line is courtesy of a new HHWH creative team – a crew headed up by Simon Castle and Artistic Director, Annie Shortall – working closely with marketing to collectively drive a studio many agencies would be envious of.

“We’ve seen brands get lost in the mass market – events such as parallel importing and online presence are really destroying brands. So how can we control that and prevent it from happening again? One is to work closely with our suppliers which I believe we do really well, and the other is to build and make brands,” said Arthur.

Perhaps the key factor making the HHWH group such an unstoppable, almost untouchable brand is the incredible family values, indiscrimination and capacity to propel you so far deep into their culture that you never want to leave. Factors tangible on day three’s workshop seminars where franchisees gathered and openly discussed secrets to success, strengths and weakness – each HHWH owner an open book, spilling their heart and business manual onto the table for all to learn and benefit from.

“I call these special moments,” Arthur says, like a proud father of his kind, clever clan.

“That’s what drives me. Being able to make a difference and generate amazing wealth for our franchisees. Then everyone benefits. Suppliers win, their stock gets paid, we get paid and when you create wealth, you can build an empire. And that’s what passion does.”

It was all these values and more that were recognised and rewarded at the all important, guaranteed good fun that is the HHWH Premi Hair Awards. INSTYLE would like to extend a huge congratulations to all of the below 2013 winners.


Body Piercing of the Year                                             

Winner                 Greensborough                

Finalist                  Blacktown 

Finalist                  Chadstone 


Most Improved store of the Year                             

Winner                 Gateways                            

Finalist                  Blacktown

Finalist                  Carousel 

Franchisee Citizen of the Year                                                                                    

Winner                 Di Sharkey

Finalist                  Susie Minski

Finalist                  Bec & Tim Arriola 


Salon of the Year                                                              

Winner                 Blacktown                           

Finalist                  Gateways

Finalist                  Knox City 


Best New Store of the Year                                         

Winner                 Shellharbour                      

Finalist                  Canelands Central

Finalist                  Chapel St


Customer Service of the Year                                     

Winner                 Eastgardens                       

Finalist                  Rockhampton

Finalist                  Albury

Local Area Marketing of the Year                                                                                                               

Winner                 Jason & Jodie Kleise

Finalist                  Matthew Hough & Breton Wells

Finalist                  Nic Nayef


Manager of the Year                                                      

Winner                 Margie, Rockhampton 

Finalist                  Megan, Blacktown             

Finalist                  Wil, Pacific Fair          


Hall of Fame Inductee

Tim & Bec Arriola 


Franchisee of the Year – 1-2 Sites                                                                             

Winner                 Jim & Ann Marshall

Finalist                  Greg Banis

Finalist                  Lube Markovski


Franchisee of the Year – Multi Sites                                                                         

Winner                 Jason & Jodie Kleise

Finalist                  Deb & Peter Gallihir

Finalist                  Sam Antoon & John Bishara

The HHWH 2013 conference marked the end of its long relationship with the Palmer Coolum Resort – where to next we wonder? Tahiti, Mexico? Here’s hoping! All we know is TONI&GUY’s Anthony Mascolo and his entourage are preparing an all-time spectacular show that will take place at the HHWH 2014 conference – driving new and enthused creative direction through the network – we can’t wait.

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