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KEVIN.MURPHY Launches Online Prescription Tool

KEVIN.MURPHY are bolstering their always-expanding retail line with an online prescription tool that allows consumers to harness the most out of these products. The online platform, named ALL ABOUT.ME, offers these consumers a unique product regimen tailored to their individual hair needs, and directs your clients to what items they should be picking up from your retail shelf.


“I’m thrilled to unveil ALL ABOUT.ME, our new online prescription tool. ALL ABOUT.ME offers a personalised consultation, recommending the perfect product combination just for you,” Kevin Murphy shared.

The platform works by prompting participants to answer a short survey about their current hair condition, after which they receive a personalised KEVIN.MURPHY product prescription. This specified prescription can address hair concerns relating to volume, density, curls, shine and frizz.

“When it comes to hair, we strongly believe, like skincare, individuals need to use products specific to their hair type. No two heads of hair are the same and it can be confusing to know which products are most suitable,” Kevin added. “We wanted to arm salon clients with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions regarding their hair, which will ultimately lead to better results.”

The platform also features an introductory video from Kevin himself, as well as tutorial videos instructions on how to correctly use the products prescribed to the consumer. Users can share prescriptions via email and directly with salons and hairdressers, which will serve as a virtual shopping list for the next time they step through your doors.

Whether helping hairdressers in salon find the perfect regimen for a client, or arriving straight in your inbox as a bona fide wish list that will allow products to fly off the shelf, this new platform is topping both dogs and diamonds to be a stylist’s best friend.

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