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Liberated Business

Walt Disney built a global brand on the understanding that people remember people – an essential business truth that lays the foundation of success in the dynamic hairdressing industry.

Held from August 11-15, 2010 in Los Angeles, guests will learn how to use Disney’s methods in their business – a program that more than half of the Fortune 100 companies have used to create their own business magic.

“It is a truly unique opportunity to be part of a group of passionate salon entrepreneurs who share the same entrepreneurial spirit as you and enthusiasm as you,” said Libby Dedman, owner of Just Liberated Hair salons and Liberated Business..

“I believe the Disney concept because of its focus on people is so beneficial to us as hairdressers and I want to be able to share this opportunity with the industry,”  she said.

Libby Dedman

The program will run through Disney’s proven techniques used to select, train and retain the employees that salon owners have spent time and money on, introducing them to the salon’s culture.

Disney will also reveal better techniques to communicate in order to sustain a supportive and interactive organisational culture.

On the table over three exhilarating days is a multitude of Disney training methods that can be adapted to strengthen your salon’s culture and ultimately leverage talent and skill to reinforce your business identity and help you become a truly recognised brand.

In typical Liberated Business fashion all the flights, airport transfers, meals, a gala dinner and even a day ticket to Disneyland have been organised as part of the program.

In collaboration with Rosedale Travel, Libby has ensured the Disney experience will be a no hassle, fun and enjoyable experience.

Costs vary depending on the departure city but are incredibly competitive compared to single entry prices for the coveted Disney Institute package.

$6900 ex Sydney, $6950 ex Melbourne and $7,000 ex Brisbane is sure to be the best investment you’ve made in your business’ future.

For those who may wish to organise flights separately the land only package is $4,800.

For further information and to secure a seat contact or phone (02) 4957 7721

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Liberated Business

Inspiring entrepreneur and two-time Global Salon Business Award Winner, Libby Dedman, hosted a loyalty building seminar in Newcastle in June alongside famed ‘salon fixer’ and guest speaker, Cory Couts.

When Libby heard Cory was coming out from LA for Hair Expo she couldn’t resist the idea of putting together a Newcastle seminar for some of the industry’s most committed business minds – the result fused experience with business bolstering ideas – another notch on the Liberated Business program belt.

Libby spoke of the six key links to building loyalty while making reference to a customer’s emotional connection to a buying experience. We dealt with salon switchers, the coffee club, advocates and raving fans and how they complement and interfere with salon business today.

“90 per cent of marketing is about getting new clients into the business. Psychographics is the study and behaviour of your salon demographic so how do we better understand what they like to buy? We are going to give you some great tools for client satisfaction,” said Libby.

Cory spoke about how we are conditioned not to change, how we have entered the ‘relationship economy’ as part of our recession phase and how Gen X and Y represent the biggest chasm between generations we’ve ever experienced.
“We’ve also gone from educating clients to dealing with educated clients,” said Cory.

“Your brand is not what you think it is – it’s what everyone else thinks it is. The invisible paradigm is going on in every salon but how do we make the invisible elements match the actual state?” he said.

Cory finished up with a powerful statement, “I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said and what you did but will never forget how you made them feel,” while Libby injected ideas on how to put the right conversations back into the salon and create a space that delivers continual ‘wows’.

Style Icons has also just had word that Libby is expanding into a third Newcastle salon. Stay tuned for the next ‘Just Liberated ‘ instalment.

For further information about Liberated Business visit or phone (02) 4957 7721.