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Colour Latte

Challenging conventional salon beliefs, Hair Colour Cafe is a franchise concept brewed for business without the bull providing customers with an affordable and easily understood approach to hair colouring.

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Liberated Business

Inspiring entrepreneur and two-time Global Salon Business Award Winner, Libby Dedman, hosted a loyalty building seminar in Newcastle in June alongside famed salon fixer Cory Couts.

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Train the Team

Training is not optional for success by Faye Murray Here are two facts that as a salon owner you should be aware of:  It is becoming more difficult to find hairdressers with the required skills.  Now that the apprenticeship period has been shortened, the intensity of training needs to be accelerated in order […]

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Time Management

What value do your clients place on time? by Faye Murray How often during the course of any given week do you hear someone say “I just don’t have enough time,” “I didn’t get time to do that.” or “I am such a poor time manager? I acknowledge that some people are challenged when it […]

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Ready to Retail

Ready to Retail by Faye Murray As a hairdresser it is almost taken for granted that you are a good communicator. You would not be a success if you did not like people, get a great deal of satisfaction out of making people look and feel great and be able to hold a good conversation. […]

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Retain the Team

So you have just been through the exercise of running an advertisement for six weeks for a new team member and spent a considerable amount of money trying to attract the right person.

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