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rush london

Rush London Artistic Team

Inspired by the late 80s and early 90s, Rush London’s latest collection is a fresh look at punk. Styles are brought to life with a mix of graphic shapes and strong colour work that create a clever illusion of movement.

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RAW by Convict Cutters

The latest from Tasmanian hair heroes Convict Cutters, RAW takes us all the way to the sweltering desert plains of Texas where miles of bronzed skin combine with crimping and teasing to create multi-textural experimental shapes.

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Equestrian by Jacen Ward

With warm hues back firmly on the colour map, Equestrian is the perfect depiction of the trend. Inspired by the circus, this extraordinary colour work champions block freehand placement and works across the full colour spectrum.

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Eurostyle by Robert Bava

Inspired by the current movement in sharp, graphic fashion, Robert Bava references the work of photographic luminaries Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon in this collection. Tough angular shapes mix with light frizz and block colour.

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Matthew Webb

Designed to display the architectural limits of hair, this series of black and white images draw the eye in with strong silhouettes and an emphasis on texture and detail. Wefts and half wigs create looks that are sculpted, luxurious and dense.

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