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Nero Couture by Hamish Glianos

 Hamish Glianos of People has created a collection of stunning images inspired by the world of couture. Striking monochrome lines and colours take precedent as Hamish showcases his timeless work in a contemporary light.

This collection has earnt Hamish a place as a finalist in the Australian Hairdresser of the Year category in the 2009 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards.

Hamish Glianos

 Nero Couture is about light and shade, intricate detailing, colour that compliments and contradicts and polished finishes.

Hamish Glianos

 Nero Couture is the first collection to be released by Glianos under his new eponymous salon that opened this March in Potts Point.

Hamish Glianos


Hamish Glianos


Salon: People by Hamish Glianos

Hair: Hamish Glianos

Photography: Sam Borich

Styling: Ken Thompson

Make-Up: Sarah Damichi

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