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papas and pace

Movement, colour and style accompany free flowing and hard edges to reveal the modern woman in this new collection by Dmitri Papas and Justin Pace from papas and pace, Brisbane. This eclectic style parallels fashion today, where almost anything goes. Individuality and the expression of oneself are the focal points, rather than being dictated to by fashion labels and media.

With the bombardment of images through any number of media technologies, making decisions can be confusing and difficult. The return to classical lines, shapes and form is a natural progression. This timeless theme can be individualised to create style, confidence and optimism in a perplexing, ever changing world.

Photography: Amber Toms
Hair: Dmitri Papas, papas & pace Brisbane,
Colour: Justin Pace, papas & pace Brisbane,
Make-up: Lily Fontana
Styling: Gail Sorronda

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