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Antony Whitaker Management Seminars

UK based hairdressing educator and owner of Antony Whitaker, presented an Australian tour of his one day ‘Management seminars’ in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The ‘Management’ seminar focused on getting the salon owners and managers to clarify exactly what the vision for their business is and to start the process of developing the strategies and business management systems needed to turn that vision into reality.

“Your business is a reflection of you, and if you don’t grow your business never will,” says Antony. “With the challenges faced by small business owners everywhere, it is more important than ever to be continually refining your skills as a leader and manager to ensure your business not only survives but flourishes, regardless of what else is happening with the economy.”

The seminar was an introduction into the Antony Whitaker “Business School” program which is to be presented in Melbourne on May 14th, 15th and 16th 2012 at the Ozdare academy. Business School is a 3 day intensive program that covers ‘Salon Marketing, Money and Team-building – anyone wishing to attend should contact Ozdare.

If the feed-back from the high profile attendees of the ‘Management day’ are anything to go by the seminars were a huge success.

“Awesome facilitator! Full of hands on knowledge which was freely shared. A great firecracker to get our wheels moving in a new direction. Thanks for your generosity wisdom and energy” – Yolanda Tymoszuk Calcagno, SO Haircutters Melbourne

“Antony has a down to earth approach to what makes a business excel. Clear and concise with what salons need to implement.” – Angelo Cataldo, Cataldo’s Canberra

“Antony is REAL!” – Emiliano Vitale, E Salon Sydney

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