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Jules shaves a lil’ off the top

Making the most of the Hair Expo weekend, Jules Tognini launched an educational DVD like no other.

Jules Tognini at Hair Expo

Already the winner of four prestigious national awards and a finalist in the Hair Expo awards, teaching up-and-comers how to snip, style and paint their way into the industry is something Jules can’t stop doing.

“I want them to embrace the industry and realise that getting into this crazy, intense, ridiculously incredible world is a lifestyle choice, not just a 9-5 job,” Jules says.

“It doesn’t have to be about perming old granny’s hair or having to do “just a trim”… it should be radical, innovative and always evolving. We should be making those grannies feel like they are 21 and dancing on tables again.”

“To our clients, we are more than just hairdressers… we are best friends, inspirations, experts and go-to-guides, and they trust us to make their most important accessory work,” Jules explains.

Joining forces with Matty Roberts (Projucer) for his first foray into educational DVDs, the program features a ‘how to’ of two female and two male cuts – giving stylists the chance to get inside the head of its creator.

Lil’ Off The Top DVD

Available for $50(RRP), the DVD can be purchased through Haircare Australia or by emailing

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