Kevin Murphy and his team of stylists presented a new EDITORIAL.LOOKS educational workshop earlier this month, allowing stylists to learn the tricks of the trade first hand from the Session Styling master.

Hosted at Ozdare’s Melbourne Academy, the workshop showcased the latest trends in hair, makeup clothing and photography to illustrate the relationship between these industries and the importance of each of the element to an overall look.

Transformed into a photographic studio, the workshop let stylists view procedures from start to finish with hair styling soon followed by makeup (Daniela White) and fashion collections (Bettina Liano) – culminating in the ‘perfect’ look.

“I wanted the class to be like a real photo shoot, I wanted to show the “warts and all” of shooting because sometimes it just doesn’t work out how you planned,” explained Kevin Murphy.

“I wanted to demonstrate that a photo is always a work in progress and you have to be ready for the unexpected; sometimes what you didn’t want turns into what you do want”, Kevin added.

Hair: Kevin Murphy
Clothing: Bettina Liano
Makeup: Daniela White
Photography: Luis Montero

For more information on Ozdare’s educational visit or phone 1800 104 204