The Australasian College Broadway has opened a new Modelling Faculty that, across four courses, will not only target aspiring models but also students that are about to enter the workforce, or professionals wanting to enhance their confidence and presentation skills.

The Modelling Faculty aims to educate individuals in confidently speaking in public, sharpen presentation skills, posture and poise, whilst the Modelling specific courses teach further skills in media performance, photographic work, print, catwalk, TV and advertising campaigns.

“Whether you are a young student about to enter the workforce and feeling unprepared for an office environment, a business executive wanting to improve presentation skills to move up the corporate ladder, or an aspiring model trying to gain skills across the board, these courses are an essential,” said Ms. Houssein-Mustafa, Chairman and Founding Director of Australasian College Broadway.

Certificate II in Modelling
Prepares aspiring models for the requirements needed to get by in a highly competitive industry.

Beyond the Catwalk…Modelling Snapshot
A short course to give existing and aspiring models the edge in the casting environment covering basics such as casting, walking, posing, nutrition and confidence.

A short course designed to encourage self esteem, confidence, communication and grooming in young people aged between 15 and 18. In a fun and inclusive learning environment, students are taught how to shine and present themselves in the best light.

Shine Plus
A short program for those who are 18+ seeking to enhance their own natural ability and gain poise in challenging situations. Shine Plus is designed to give participants an edge in a competitive market and build their confidence.

The courses run from two day weekend courses up to 16 weeks with flexible payment options also available.

For more information about the course please call 1800 999 963 or visit