Sharon Blain took her award winning Boot Camp course to Santa Monica on August 2-5; delivering creativity, inspiration and confidence at the Goldwell Academy Santa Monica.

Sharon Blain at Boot Camp USA

Over four action packed days, 25 students from all corners of the US participated in Sharon’s intensive styling course with a diverse range of stylists participating: including salon owners, international educators, celebrity hairdressers, students, past finalists and a winner of the prestigious NAHA awards.

Students reported that they were keen to participate in order to learn how to create all types of waves, using tongs, blow waving, setting methods and incorporating these technical skills into the latest bridal and red carpet hair styling.

“We were thrilled to offer this unique educational opportunity to hairdressers in the US. Boot Camp filled the gap in education, as it offered students a variety of skills with a combination of content condensed into one course,” says Sharon.

“I have designed a blue-print for dressing long hair and I believe if you follow my ‘rule’ there is no limit to what is able to be achieved with long hair. It is incredibly gratifying to see students gain confidence and then able to relay their new found skills to their clients and their career,” Sharon adds.

Students have quoted Boot Camp as a “must do course”, making a world of difference to their styling skills and one of the most rewarding courses they have attended; further attesting to Sharon Blain Education as one of Australia’s best known education brands in the world.