From educational books and DVD’s to must-see events, Styleicons Education is the ultimate learning destination for hairdressers of every level – the latest news revealed here!

DCI Education for Styleicons Education

Improve your skills by  joining celebrity stylist Dario Cotroneo in 22 carefully crafted videos from DCI Education

As the founder of DCI Education, Dario is an industry pioneer in delivering education with new ways of learning. This video program is perfect for hairdressers of all levels who can pick and choose through all 22 videos in order for a truly progressive education experience.

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Learn from one of Australia’s highest rating educators as Lorna Evans Education presents Long Hair Secrets Unlocked – a 3 Day Workshop from 10-12 December.

Lorna Evans for Styleicons Education

DAY 1 – Learn the Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Styling. Workshop modern classics as the basis for more complex looks.

DAY 2 – Texture – How to achieve perfect waves, curls, volume and texture.

DAY 3 – Learn Fashion Week creative looks. Develop consultation skills to turn special occasion clients into regular colour clients. Whether you are a 1st year apprentice or been in the industry for years, you are a business within your business. Learn hot tips to grow your styling clientelle.

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