Service Skills Australia’s report ‘Evaluation Frameworks of VET’, surveyed 1600 trainees and apprentices to uncover a completion rate of 90%.

“The report is about providing solutions and contributing practical responses to workforce development issues” says Kit McMahon, General Manager of Service Skills Australia.

Of those who did not complete their training, some 159 students, almost 100% of non-completers gave a reason other than the quality of training for discontinuing their training. Family, home and relationship issues the top influencers.

“People withdraw because life gets in the way” says John Mitchell, of research and consulting firm John Mitchell and Associates who headed the report.

Of the 159 non-completers, 98% intended to complete their training at some time in the future and considered their training incomplete. Both findings challenging major assumptions within the training industry that students leave because they perceive poor training outcomes or discontinue at the point at which they feel they have all the necessary skills.

Trainees and apprentices definitely come out on top here as training centres, colleges and institutions around the country use the report’s data to identify wrongs and rights, helping improve their internal processes and overall standard of education.