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10 Major Takeaways from the Hair Expo Education Rooms

Nestled on the second floor of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, there was some major knowledge dropped in the Hair Expo education rooms, and even more inspiration taking place across the Expo’s three major stages. From local legends to international exports, creative inspiration to business acumen, the education room had it all covered, and team INSTYLE were there to scribble down the notes on your behalf.


Frank Apostolopoulos presenting

Here are 10 major takeaways we collected throughout the Hair Expo long weekend.

1. Tabatha Coffey explained the importance of educating not just your staff, but your clients, pointing out that someone will be educating them (and those someone’s are usually online tutorials), so they may as well take heed from the experts – that’s you!


Tabatha Coffey at Hair Expo

2. Antony Whitaker spoke about the significance of defining your salon culture, stating that the accepted habits and actions of your staff make up a salon culture whether you like it or not, so you may as well take control of it. Define your salon values and design the culture of your salon to ensure it’s the environment you want.

3. Julie Piantadosi stressed how important it is to ask your clients how their hair feels at the end of each session, and if they’re unhappy, don’t let them leave! Spend some extra time to make that client satisfied with their hair as they head out the door, because an unsatisfied client will become terrible and far-reaching publicity.

4. Tracey Penington called attention to the significance of Australian small businesses, showing stats that 96 per cent of Victorian businesses (and probably Australian businesses as a whole) fall into the small business category. She also shared that (as shown in a 2012-2013 study) our national small businesses employ 4.5 million people and contribute billions to the economy.

5. Mark Hayes and the Sassoon Creative Team shared an important attitude to real-world salon hair. “Physical is part of the story but it’s not the main element; suitability is much more than the physical appraisal of a person, it’s who they are. I see people with haircuts that technically shouldn’t suit them, but it does, because they feel good in it,” he said.

6. Guy Tang taught a full house how to apply a head of soft, rainbow hair, telling the audience to not put a lot of colour on the brush, and warning not to penetrate to the back of the section, keeping the colour lightly on the top of the layer of hair to keep it more subtle.


Guy Tang on stage

7. The Fox and the Hair team recommended including time for an ‘insta shoot’ within your allocated appointment time. Offer looks such as The Fox and the hair’s viral gold leaf and glitter looks for a $25 up-sell – or complimentary, just for Instagram content. When working to achieve the infamous glitter style, begin by applying greater, thicker glitter layers towards the front – gradually applying less as you move down the hair.

8. Fruition (Style Ambition) spoke about the current face painting trend, and how to place your model before the camera for a test shoot so to work out the best pose for the hair, styling etc., when in studio. Once the model’s position has been determined, apply the face paint accordingly.

9. The Top Salon Summit explored the Power of Influence, arming salon owners with agility and understanding to aim higher and fight for the growth of hairdressing. Using unspoken information by mind reader Anthony Laye, brand lessons from the leading luxury brand man, Gerard Scarpaci and social media influencer ideas and marketing from Sarah Chegwidden, there’s a reason this Summit attracts top salon owners every year.

10. Peter Gray is one of hairdressing’s most humble, honest and inherently interesting editorial hairdressers. From film to editorial and inspiring others to find their inner editorial enigma, his intimate session with Moroccanoil allowed guests to delve into his creative mind, while learning the fundamentals of the latest Moroccanoil collection while participating in a live photoshoot.

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