Tens of thousands of people trekked to California for the mammoth Coachella music festival, still taking place as we speak, giving new meaning to #festivalhairgoals in the process. As always, celebrities (and by that I really mean the Jenner sisters, who make up far too much of this list) led the way, boasting the rainbow, glitter, double bun and braided hair trends that have been particularly popular this year.

As Splendour approaches and festival season looms large, it’s time to embrace and master these Coachella-esque styles in your salon.

Which look is your favourite?

1. Taylor Swift


It was less hair news than it was an international event when Taylor swift debuted bleached blonde locks in her also quite new bob style for Vogue. She then proved all those who assumed this was just an editorial change wrong (guilty as charged) by rocking the look at Coachella.

2. Kylie Jenner


Long orange looks with dark, natural roots are really just the tip of the iceberg for the youngest Jenner sister. We really mean that, because…

3. Kylie Jenner again


The next few days found Kylie sporting aspirational-style rainbow hair. If you’re wondering how she manages these changes so effortlessly, her hairdresser spilled her hair secrets here, showcasing how we mere mortals (and our mortal clients) could pull off these bright changes come festival season (hint: wigs are involved). Or your clients could just choose between rainbow or orange hair for the duration of the festival, just saying.

4. Katy Perry


Double buns seem to be the unofficial hair look of Coachella 2016 and Katy Perry looks every inch of the bubblegum pop princess by interpreting the trend in pink. We hope this will be a dominating festival trend closer to home too!

5. Kendall Jenner


We warned you that this list was Jenner heavy. While Kendall keeps her hair more low-key than her sister (who doesn’t?), she is still sporting two major festival trends: the double bun (see above) and glitter roots, somehow subtle but still effective as they sparkle in the part of her hair. If the term ‘glitter roots’ confuses you, you should really read this.

6. Ruby Rose


The latest star to opt for boxer braids was our very own Ruby Rose, who showed off a green finish to give the look her own unique edge. As a general rule – braids plus colour usually equals on point festival hair.

7. Emma Roberts


Emma went rose gold (the colour of the moment!) for the Coachella occasion and included this perfectly-placed braid. For your festival clients who don’t want to go all-out rainbow (yes, they exist), a rich, natural hue can still be a worthwhile change – Emma Roberts is proof.

8. Bella Thorne


Another solution for those who aren’t searching for the full multi-coloured treatment comes courtesy of Bella Thorne, who shows just how well partial bright colour comes across at festivals as well. While Bella wears a violet hue at the ends of her trendy dual-braids, so many hues can work in a myriad of alternative ways. When it comes to colour, the world is truly your (and your clients’) oyster.