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HeadBed: Ahead of the Rest

The HeadBed team had a brilliant response to their revolutionary device at Salon Melbourne, and were so pleased with the feedback from salon owners.


“The feedback we got was filled with many ‘oh my god’s’, ‘that’s amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘I want one now’ from so many wonderful people that visited and tried out the HeadBed at our stand,” said Cathy Dalton, Global Sales and Marketing Director for HeadBed.

The HeadBed is taking the comfort at the salon sinks to another level as many salon owners discovered in Melbourne, and they we’re thrilled with the special show price of $60.


Sandy Chong, Cathy Dalton and Catherine Randabel at Salon Melbourne 2014

Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO of the AHC and Managing Director of Suki Hairdressing, Sandy Chong, visited the HeadBed stand over the weekend. Sandy has HeadBed’s on all of her salon sinks at Suki and she and the AHC board members were excited about the innovation and the simplicity of the HeadBed, and that there is finally a solution that solves the problem of discomfort at the wash basin.

The HeadBed is one of the most significant advancements in customer comfort for decades at the salon sink. Medically endorsed, hygienic, soft and durable, and meeting OHS regulations, HeadBed is a simple device that provides a lot of customer satisfaction.

Salons using HeadBed have reported a reduction in customer discomfort complaints at the wash basin to nearly zero. The device also eliminates water leakage, keeping customers dry and comfortable.

Circles Photographs - HeadBed on the Sink - bigger version

“Customer comfort and safety is a priority for most salons, the ‘HeadBed’ is a head and neck support accessory designed for ultimate salon sink comfort. It is an adjustable head support platform combined with a neck cushion that fits onto the neck curve of any washbasin,” explained HeadBed inventor Catherine Randabel.

The HeadBed team has been busy over the past few months and have secured distribution in France, Spain, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Recently the team returned from IBS New York with glowing reviews and soon HeadBeds will be gracing the wash basins around USA and Canada.


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