Often reserved for the bright lights of Las Vegas or the lure of our biggest European cities, Redken proved just why Melbourne was the perfect home for some of the world’s leading talent by giving each and every hairdresser a front row ticket to the leading trends and business touch points direct from Redken Australia.

Held over three days beginning August 7, 580 salon owners and inspired hairdressers received far more than just a Redken ready mindset at Melbourne’s Docklands – it was about re-living the excitement of hairdressing, the entertainment of the best educators and the insight into the key drivers that unite our industry. No Redken event is complete without the underscoring ethos of learning better, earning better and living better.

“Redken really represents fashion and the heart of New York City. With more than 110 fashion shows per year – Redken really captures the essence of fashion, just one of the many things we are doing to improve the amount of money salons make,” said Redken Australia General Manager, Erwin Santos.

Igniting energy among the audience for a brand that’s about sending a clear message to the consumer, Erwin reinforced Redken’s commitment to the future of hairdressing and cultivating the future talent of the industry.

Welcoming guests from across the country and further abroad, including Singapore, Malaysia and a strong New Zealand contingent, Redken New Zealand General Manager, Mark Bruce posed the question of why? Why the room was filled with such an energy all while revealing the key objectives for such a significant gathering – guests were primed not to be disappointed.


“It’s about salon development, it’s about personal growth and about honing your craft. Over the next three days you will hear from amazing artists and sensational business owners – it’s going to be all-inspiring,” Mark said.

“It’s not just about ideas but also about inspiration you can take back to the salon and thanking you for your loyalty,” he said.

Redken continues to unite the worlds of fashion and hair and by driving consumers to salons through the latest trends and fashion but also working with globally recognized influencers by the likes of Soo Joo Park and Lizzy Jagger.

Redken Global Education Director Sheri Doss too joined the festivities, “22 years ago I attended my first ever Redken event and it changed my life. I have been to over 45 countries with the global tribe of Redken and had no idea the journey could have been like this. At Redken we are a global brand and we have over 1400 artists all around the world that represent Redken. From what I’ve seen in the last two days of preparation you are going to see some of the best hair I’ve seen in my 22 years of Redken,” Sheri said.

“You are going to be inspired, you are going to be transformed and you are going to go back to the salon and share all that love with your clients – we love you,” Sheri said.

Delivering on this promise, guests were left truly excited for the next two days thanks to a highly energetic show of dancing, trends and creative hairdressing from colour to catwalk from leading artists including Richard Kavanagh, Philip Barwick, John Pulitano, Justin Pace, Dmitri Papas, Paloma Rose Garcia, Vincent Nobile and many more. JR management models blurred the lines of model, dancer and leading talent to ensure the event was slicker than your average.


Redken is mentioned online every 47 seconds, is the number one brand in America and Canada as is one of the fastest growing brands in the L’Oreal family in Australia, so before guests could move forward, day two of the salon owners seminars looked back through a little bit of history of where it all began.

Actress Paula Kent Meehan founded Redken in 1960 with Jehri Redding – a brand that was all about beauty through science and since 1996 when it was acquired by the L’Oreal group. We have seen a strong re-brand of Redken and a closer alignment to fashion.

“2014 gave us the opportunity to look at our brand and re-brand our strong points by looking back on the fundamentals of – earn better, learn better and live better,” Sheri said.

“But we’ve had to grow by driving consumers into salons. We came up with the idea of the muse – the ‘Redken collective’ so to speak – women who are not just beautiful but always have a following of people genuinely interested in fashion and beauty,” Sheri said.

“Redken is the brand to be with – leading artistic knowledge and business – we’re pumped to be able to offer you both,” she said.

Over the two full days of education with both business and practical running consecutively– the gathering mimicked the truly successful global Symposium format. Guests learned from the best, summarized the leading tips from the world of fashion week, backstage, magazine covers and editorial – right down to practical cutting, colouring and styling know-how that you couldn’t get from anyone else. Favourite products, including Richard’s number one editorial tip and the proven salon experience model were all there for guests to touch, experience and build upon. It was fun, insightful and entertaining but not too serious.


We also heard from globally leading speakers including Dr Adam Fraser who enlightened with his honesty and insight into how our attitude effects our success and Nick Bowditch provided a practical and realistic insight into social media. A far stretch from just another presentation from a social media ‘expert’. Other industry names including Anne-Maree Mason mastered the key elements to a leading salon culture.

One key takeaway was all about storytelling and as Belinda Robb salon owner of Biba in Auckland affirmed, “Don’t take the business too seriously, you are storytellers. We are an industry that has no forseeable threat of automation and personal appearance has never meant more to anybody.”

“We are set for explosive growth if we go about achieving it the right way. Reach into the souls of your clients, put your own magic into it – we don’t talk about consultations in our salon, we talk about connection,” Belinda said.

After witnessing this infectious energy in Melbourne, the love the Redken tribe have for the brand is truly palpable. What are the leading salons doing that nobody else is doing? How do they differentiate themselves, what do they want to give back to the industry, and how does Redken support that? All your questions were answered with one unified commitment to earn better, learn better and live better – thanks Redken, Who’s not ready?