It’s one of Australia’s favourite collaborations, a pairing of two fashion insights, joining seasonally to set the pace for three months of hair and fashion trends. Aveda’s Australian team of session stylists once again gathered behind the scenes at the David Jones SS16 fashion launch recently, setting their naturally-bred creative incantations upon a host of high profile models; a hair capsule inspired by the shifting persona and textural dynamism of Australian landscapes, in particular as they are hit with a setting summer sun.

Terri Robertson-Kirkwood stepped up as Aveda Hair Director once again, relishing the high pressure environment and as always, meeting the multi-dimensional brief with fine curation.


“David Jones fashion launches really are wonderful to work on. It’s high pressure and exciting to be responsible for creating the hair look as you’ve got to ensure that it’s not only what the fashion editors, influencers and bloggers will like, but what the consumer will respond positively too also. Add to that, I have every brand from Carla Zampatti through to Romance was Born to cater for – and the looks have to work at an individual level for every brand,” said Terri.

David Jones theme for SS16 is ‘One Name: Endless Possibilities,’ a concept that called for multi-purpose looks.


“The hair reflects a monochromatic and dramatic impression which is all about the strong silhouette and a high sheen, a current reflection of upcoming trends that we will see this season,” said Terri. “It embraces an edgy, contemporary vibe while keeping it elegant and beautiful”.

In particular, we enjoyed the ‘banded knot’ – a twisted style as suited to the wildcat prints of Camilla as the graphic sophistication of Aurelio Costarella. Create it for your next client!



  1. Prep this look with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, brush through and blow dry section by section
  2. Next, section into small clean sections and apply a slip of Aveda Pure-Formance Pomade and then the Aveda Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel over the top
  3. Repeat step 2 all the way to the front of the head and create a strong centre part. Spritz with Aveda Control Force and comb through
  4. Gather the hair into a ponytail at the back, use a fine tail comb to comb the hair until smooth, with no bumps, then secure with an elastic. Spritz with Aveda Control Force
  5. Secure a second piece of elastic to the ponytail elastic and start to cross-over the elastic around the ponytail
  6. Use finger tips to distress the hair in the ponytail to create texture
  7. Use a Aveda Kabuki Brush and dust over the top of the hair with Aveda Emollient Finishing Gloss
  8. Finish with twisting the ponytail into the head to create a small knot and secure